There are two ways that I can develop a website for your business or personal needs:

 Justik.com Business Services:


 Justik.com Personal Services:

 1. If a business or an organization needs or wants a domain name or already has one: I charge $10 a month, or $95 a year, for hosting your website. If you do the yearly plan, you pay for nine months and get the last three months FREE! Your website will be accessible by its own domain name (i.e. www.justik.com). I charge $25 a year to purchase your website.  

2. If you want a "personal page" so it will look like this: www.justik.com/yourname - The advantages are you don't need to buy a domain name.  Disadvantages are your web address is longer and harder to remember than a domain name would be.  Secondly, most businesses and organizations look more professional with their own domain name. 



Please e-mail me for a price quote on a website job. On average I'll charge $400 for a website. That includes an e-mail link. Registration and hosting are an additional fee.

On average a website will cost $520. This includes purchase of the website, design of the website, and hosting of the website. The registration and hosting fees are a yearly fee. Prices will vary according to the job type.